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Carpet Adelaide

Carpet Selection Centre is your one-stop-shop for the highest quality carpets in Adelaide. Durability, colour, texture and purchasing power are all important factors when choosing the ideal carpet for your next application. Not only should your flooring look great, but they should feel great.

Most modern carpets produced in Australia are either woven or tufted. Woven carpets (often known as Axminster or Wilton) are more labour intensive to manufacture but allow for unlimited designs. You can expect to pay more for a woven carpet but for prestige and durability woven carpets remain popular. Tufted Carpets are made by inserting yarn into a backing cloth. The yarn forms a loop.

This is loop pile carpet (or Berber). Loop pile types may be level (creating a tight durable construction), Berber (or Tweed) using thicker tufted yarns. Heavily textured carpets (sisal/cord) often appear with alternating low and high lines with a natural plant fibre appearance The top of the loop may be cut forming a cut pile surface. The tufted cloth is then attached to an adhesive latex backing which is then secured to a backing fabric.

Patterned tufted carpets (carved or sculptured pile) use both cut and loop pile. Cut pile and loop both give high durability, with loop the most wear resistant. Hard twist cut pile carpets (Frieze) are made from twisted tufts which are heat set at the surface giving a modern updated look to a room. Shag pile tufts are long creating a soft low density carpet. Most carpets are made from Nylon (polyamide), wool or polypropylene.

Wool and nylon blends are also popular. Each material make excellent carpet. You can be assured of quality at the Carpet Selection Centre as our carpets from Cavalier Bremworth Limited, Chaparral Carpet Mills, Feltex Carpet (including Redbook), Godfrey Hirst Australia and Norman Ellison Carpets are all graded by the ACCS (Australian Carpet Classification Scheme) and come with a star rating. This classification scheme is run by the Carpet Institute of Australia and ensures peace of mind when buying from the Carpet Selection Centre.