Cavalier Bremworth Carpets from New Zealand have been making high quality carpet for more than 50 years. Cavalier Bremworth Carpets offers a very wide range of residential and commercial broadloom carpets, all carrying an independent environmental accreditation and all designed with you in mind.

With more than 30 carpet styles to choose from, the combinations of colour, pattern and texture cover the classics through to the strongly contemporary. There is something to suit every decor and every purpose.

More than 90 percent of Cavalier Bremworth Carpets residential carpets are graded extra heavy duty, providing a significant point of difference in terms of quality and durability from others in the market.

Cavalier Bremworth Carpets carpets are designed and made in New Zealand using the finest New Zealand pure wool and premium quality synthetics with a particular emphasis on softness. More than half of the companies carpet production is sold in Australia, Asia, Europe and the US.

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